A considerable body of research has evidenced the potential of good quality green infrastructure to deliver a range of economic, social and environmental benefits. In their role overseeing the development of a new town, the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation is anxious to establish a network of high-quality green spaces as a key component of their physical activity strategy. Ebbsfleet commission SLC and JSA to develop this project.

London Borough of Barnet

November 2018 to March 2019

Project Objectives

As part of their application to government for funding, Ebbsfleet DC commissioned SLC and JSA to develop a Physical Activity Strategy for the developing new town. The project involved the assessment of landscape typology, connectivity and quality across the site. The study also considered the potential of greenspace across Ebbsfleet to deliver physical activity (and hence community cohesion and positive health outcomes) across the proposed new town area.

Issues, Challenges and Outcomes

The Ebbsfleet new town area is currently made up of a disparate and poorly connected set of landscape character areas, many of which have enormous potential to deliver positive outcomes for the new town. Parts of the town have already been built out using a traditional approach to new housing provision and the strategy had to take account of the differences between a landscape that had already been constructed and a landscape that would evolve in a more considered and connected way.


  • Landscape strategy
  • Landscape character assessment