Engagement and Consultation

Part of our responsibility as Landscape Architects is to realise the needs and ambitions of everyday users in respect of the world around them. These need to be translated into proposals for tangible change that are practical, affordable and sustainable.

We work intensively with users and stakeholders to capture their views and express their aspirations through our work. Wherever possible, we base our approach to engagement on a proposal that there is always an opportunity to improve and that past successes can support success in the future. Rather than focusing intensively on problems and issues, we encourage participants to consider what an ideal future might look like and develop with them, strategies for getting there.

Throughout, our approach is collaborative, respectful, generous, and pragmatic and focused on delivering solutions that work for the specific context, relationships and available resources.

We use a variety of techniques and media to engage with users and stakeholders. Our over-arching aspiration is to make engagement honest, stimulating and fun.

Engagement will typically continue throughout (and sometimes beyond) projects and we use the outcomes to further refine and modify our thinking, emerging ideas and final outcomes.