The landscape of the British Isles has evolved over time in response to changes in approach to land management and our psychological and intellectual response to the world around us. Our work on heritage has included landscapes created to express the Baroque (Greenwich Park World Heritage Site), the English Landscape Movement (Repton’s gardens at Langtons House and Richard Woods’ arcadian landscape at Great Linford Manor) and the Picturesque (Avenue House). All of work on heritage landscapes is based on a thorough assessment of landscape development and landscape components, usually expressed in the Conservation Plans that we prepare for our clients.

We also recognise and understand the significance of natural heritage and the symbiotic relationship between management practices and sustaining diverse habitats and species. Our project at Hainault Forest will restore a SSSI through the re-introduction of the grazing practices that sustained the forest for centuries.

We are extending the scope of our work on natural capital accounting to include an assessment of ‘heritage value’, providing a business case for investment in our precious national assets.

Our understanding of external funding for heritage landscapes has been obtained at first hand and has helped us to secure over £17million for our clients over the past three years.