Masterplanning and detailed design

Our approach to masterplanning is outcome-focused and develops the metrics identified through strategic assessments and natural capital accounting into spatial organisation and decision-making. Our masterplans are driven by the natural and human processes that have shaped its unique character. We recognise the significance of green infrastructure assets to place-making and encourage greater and more diverse use of open space. We know that more actively used places are more resilient places socially, environmentally and economically.

We continue to express high-level masterplanning concepts throughout the design stages so that the value of the outcomes we identify at the strategic level translate into tangible, sustainable physical interventions that support people and protect the environment.

Our recent masterplanning work for Silkstream Park, for Greenwich Park and for Hainault Ancient Forest are all being developed through detailed design and construction. These projects reflect our commitment to developing sophisticated models for enhancing green infrastructure assets and protecting the value of the benefits that they deliver for individuals, for families, for communities and for local economies.