Project Management and Lead Consultancy

At JSA, we develop and deliver projects that are genuinely landscape-led. For major projects such as Greenwich Park Revealed, Hainault Ancient Forest, Great Linford Manor Park and Silkstream Park, we act as Lead Consultant, managing teams of trusted sub-consultants who provide expertise in architecture, cost management, engineering, hydrology, ecology and arboriculture and other disciplines. Acting as Lead Consultant allows to think outside the box, bringing in advice to help us, our colleagues and clients think about project in new and interesting ways.

We draw on our considerable experience of Project Management to help our clients achieve the best possible outcomes from landscape assets. Where possible, we like to develop project briefs with our clients in the pre-appointment phase, lending the client our experience and expertise as a means of focusing thinking on outcomes, resources and programming. Similarly, by nurturing successful client relationships, we can support our clients beyond the formal end of a specific project so that identified target outcomes can be sustained in the long term.

Our project management approach is informed by Prince II Project Management methodologies which we have nurtured in-house and our internal Quality Assurance systems.