Urban Design

Our method for Urban Design involves a community focused approach, where designing urban spaces is built around individuals, families, and local infrastructure. We have developed Urban Design masterplans for a variety of scales and sites from Caterham in Surrey to coastal towns such as Lowestoft. Our Urban Design strategy involves working in tandem with local councils, stakeholders, and the community to ensure a good communication network for the project. This involves redesigning of public spaces with accessibility in mind, creating public spaces, restructuring roads and reinforcing biodiversity, as well as always aiming to cut carbon emissions wherever possible.

We ensure to create an open dialogue with the local council and the public, often holding consultations in communal spaces or having online meetings to ensure that the residents can have their say in what is being developed in their town. Our recent project for the development of the town of Lowestoft involved online workshops and consultations to talk to residents and stakeholders. Some of the suggestions included improving accessibility by installing benches in some of the Scores, as well as improving signage. We also worked on bringing nature into the town centre by adding more greenspace in place of unused storefronts.

Our strategy involves better linkages between natural spaces, and ensuring accessibility to parks and green space as well as adding new green infrastructure to inner city and town road networks, while focusing on making urban spaces more desirable to live and work in.